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David White TL6 Transit Level

Transit Level. Horz & Vert. 22x Bubble Made in USA

Provides Horizontal line. Turns Horz and Vert angles. Accurate verner for turning angles. Built in Sun shade. Horz & Vert Lock and slow motion screws.

• Accuracy 3mm/15m
• Horz circle 1 deg read to 15‘ Verner
• 22x telescope

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SitePro SmartTRAK Magnetic Locator ST102

Magnetic Locator. 7 Year Warranty. Robust. Water-proof Made in USA

Save time in the field looking for nails, spikes , sewer caps and sub earth metallic pipes. Ideal for sub surface location of pipes, re-bar, manhole covers, survey iron nails/pegs.

• Clear LCD, showing strength of signal
• 6 sensitivity settings. 4 Volume settings
• Light weight.

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