Category: Accessories

Gammon Reel

PLUMB LINE REEL (Plumb Bob not included)
• Quickly retracts eliminating tangled string
• Designed for surveyors and construction industry
• Mylar protected target

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Wurk W-LDM60 Laser Distance Metre

Fully featured laser distance metre. Measures to 60m. Made in Sweden.

Calculates area and volume. 3 measuring positions. Inbuilt bubble for Pythagoras measurements

• Last 100 shots memory
• Includes hip pouch and target plate
• Two year warranty

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Nedo Measuring Pole mEssfix

MESSFIX 3m or 5m. Reads to the mm. Made in Switzerland

Rigid telescopic measuring lightweight pole. Precision calibrated internal tape reads to mm. Ideal for Glazers for horz and vert precise results.

• Read the internal tape to the mm
• Choice of 3m or 5m fully extended
• Collapses to 0.6m & 0.91 respectively

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SitePro Measuring Wheel RS312M

Light weight and collapsable, made of ridged aluminium sections. Made in USA

Easy to read display. Kick stand and rubberised moulded wheel.

• Reads to 9999.9m
• 3 section handle collapses to 66cm
• Protective carry bag three spoke wheel

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SitePro Digital Level DL48 and DL24

Digital Builder Levels. 600m and 1200mm. Made in USA

Robust digital levels to use every day. Measures both angles in deg and slope%. Hard rubber ends. Magnet base. Display flips when inverted.

• Accuracy +/-0.1deg
• Hold function. Audo beep at 90 &0 deg
• Can Calibration on site. Inbuilt magnets

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SitePro SmartTRAK Magnetic Locator ST102

Magnetic Locator. 7 Year Warranty. Robust. Water-proof Made in USA

Save time in the field looking for nails, spikes , sewer caps and sub earth metallic pipes. Ideal for sub surface location of pipes, re-bar, manhole covers, survey iron nails/pegs.

• Clear LCD, showing strength of signal
• 6 sensitivity settings. 4 Volume settings
• Light weight.

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WURK Staves

Aluminium and Fibreglass staves in a range of configurations

• 3m, 5m and 7.6m options
• ½cm, 1cm, mm and ‘E’ divisions depending on model
• Top down scale for measuring heights directly

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