SitePro Heavy Duty Salamander Series

For Robotic and Total Stations


The SitePro Heavy Duty Salamanda Series comprises three models – Robotic I, Contractor I and Contractor II Aluminium. Made with either composite fibreglass or aluminium, these tripods feature heavy duty construction and Hi-Vis safety colours.


Robotic I – Ideal fo Robotic and Total Stations, Scanners, AG Lasers and Thedolites

• Tongue & Grouve strut design
• Dual clamps extra stability
• Large Feet – replaceable points
• Balanced robust carry handle
• Large round 17cm machined head
• Built in retainer strap
Tabs prevents leg kick out • Extended 180cm, Collapsed 114cm
• Poly-webbing retainer strap, Tripod Cap & adjustment tool

Contractor I – Ideal for Laser & Optical Instruments

• Composite Fiberglass
• Fluro Lime – Safety Colour
• Low Coefficient of Expansion
• Water resistant
• Large hand Grip
• Replacement points
• Large positive Quick Clamp
• Extended 180cm, Collapsed 114cm

Contractor II Aluminium – Ideal for Lasers, Optical Levels and Prism Target Sets

• Heavy gauge Aluminium
• Spot Fluro Safety Colour
• Extended 163cm – Collapsed 102cm,
• Positive Quick Clamp
• Large flat head
• Includes Heavy Duty Web Carry Strap & Leg clamp

  • Alignment work
  • Slope determination
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Road construction