Spectra Precision UL633


The Spectra Precision UL633N is a flat, spinning laser that can do single and dual grades, vertical alignment, set 90 degrees, and help square from an existing structure – that’s what makes it Universal. Small contractors can do more work on their own and larger contractors do not have to worry about sending the wrong laser or multiple lasers to any jobsite.



  • Multiple Applications – The Spectra Precision UL633 Universal Laser is the first construction laser that provides the ability to control level, alignment, single/dual grade and even do grade in vertical like a pipe laser allowing you to do more work with one tool.
  • Automatic Self-Levelling – Provides fast, easy set-up for horizontal level, grade or vertical alignment
  • Automatic Grade Matching – Meaning the laser moves to the on-grade position on the receiver automatically by communicating wirelessly with the receiver and the grade is then calculated – this is generally used when a constant fall is desired but the grade may not be known (renewing existing driveways or matching existing surfaces)
  • Grade Range – Large, fully compensated grade range from -25% to 25% – keeping the laser levelled no matter what grade you need reducing errors and improving productivity.
  • Anti-Vibration Filter – A laser can be affected by high vibration or strong wind, especially when the laser is mounted on a tall tripod –the UL633 has an anti-vibration filter that can be set according to the conditions allowing work to continue regardless of wind conditions or excessive vibrations.
  • Temperature Compensation & PlaneLok – As temperature fluctuates throughout the working day, the internal components of a laser can expand and contract which can cause some additional error without the user noticing. This is firstly resolved through the automatic temperature check that the laser performs where the internal software calibrates the laser to its optimal performance based on the temperature. Additionally the PlaneLok function can be activated. This keeps the laser beam fixed to a receiver in a set a position eliminating any error that can be caused by fluctuating temperatures, keeping the laser accurate and error free.
  • Automatic Axis Alignment – A critical factor when working with grade is alignment to the grade hub. If an alignment is off, error can be introduced and exaggerated. The UL633 has an Automatic Axis Alignment function, allowing the user to set-up simply and quickly, maintaining accuracy and eliminating costly errors. The Automatic Axis Alignment function has the added benefit of being able to simultaneously align on two axes not at 90 degrees to each other. This is especially useful when trying to construct envelope set-ups on a concrete pad or when setting a dual grade for a drainage channel intersecting another channel at an angle not at 90 degrees to the main run.
  • Vertical Grade – The Spectra Precision UL633 vertical grade capabilities are enhanced with the use of the SF601 Spot Finder. This accessory allows automatic alignment of the plumb beam. This provides fast alignment to a manhole on a first day set-up, or to quickly set-out a 90 degree angle. Additionally the Spot Finder can be used to check the grade in pipe on a second day set-up. The beam locks onto the Spot Finder and displays the actual grade on the remote and the laser, saving time and eliminating lengthy manual calculations.
  • Rugged – Designed to operate on the toughest of jobsites, the UL633 can withstand a 1m drop directly onto concrete or 1.5m pushover on tripod, eliminating costly repairs.
  • Mask Mode – The UL633 has a virtual masking function that allows the laser beam to be turned off in up to 3 sides, avoiding false reading from glass reflections or interfering with other lasers on the same jobsite.
Applications General Construction • Leveling concrete forms and footers • Vertical alignment such as anchor bolt and form alignment Machine Guidance Compatible • Dual slope grading and steep slope excavating • Slope work for sports fields, tennis courts, driveways, parking garages, ramps Pipe and Drainage Installations • Automatic Alignment for pipe laying • Measuring unknown slopes in existing pipes Interior • Layout of walls • Installation of drop ceilings


Levelling Accuracy± 0.5 mm/10 m, 1/16“ @ 100 ft, 10 arc seconds
Grade Accuracy± 1.0 mm/10 m, 1/8“ @ 100 ft, 20 arc seconds
Operating DiameterAppr. 800 m (2600 feet) with detector
Grade Range (Y;X)± 25% both axes (not simultaneously)
Grade Range (Z)± 25%
Rotation0 – 900 rpm
Scan Mode5 preset sizes + variable adjustment
Laser TypeRed diode laser 650 nm
Laser ClassClass 3A/3R, <5mW
Self-Levelling RangeAppr. ± 14°
Levelling IndicatorsLCD indications and LED flashes
Radio Range (HL750)up to 80 m (260 ft):
Power SourceNiMH battery pack
Battery Life35 hours NiMH; 40 hours alkaline
Operating Temp-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Storage Temp-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F):
Tripod Attachments5/8 x 11 horizontally and vertically
Dust and WaterproofYes – IP67
Weight3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Low Voltage IndicationLCD battery indicator
Low Voltage Disconnectionunit shuts off