Global Technologies Receiver Lightbox

Global Technologies GT-RLB Receiver Light Box case


The Global Technologies Receiver Lightbox is a one person horizontal alignment receiver light box that can be used in conjunction with your own laser. Made in Australia, its long range capability make it an excellent choice for a range of applications including pipe laying & trenching, vineyard pole placement, fence posts and plantation layout and conveyor belt alignment.



  • One person operation
  • Ruggardized case (ip54) with integrated Storm receiver and battery
  • Base (5/8 x 11 female thread) fits directly onto tripod head or tribrach/adapter
  • Long life battery – 10 hours + (Lead acid [SLA] 12 volt) includes charger
  • Ultra bright Luxmed LED’s
  • Storm Receiver – Range up to 500m (1600ft) dependant on laser transmission, large detection width 127mm (5”), 5 accuracies settings – ultra fine to coarse, reception angle 45°
  • Pipe laying and trenching
  • Vineyard pole placement
  • Fence posts, plantation layout
  • Conveyor belt alignment