SitePro SmartTrack Magnetic Locator ST102


Save time in the field looking for nails, spikes , sewer caps and sub earth metallic pipes. These two models of magnetic locators are 2017 latest designs, made in the USA and carry a 7 Year Warranty.


  • Precision-crafted ergonomic and balanced design for one-handed operation
  • Large LCD screen for visual search results – 0-99 numeric indicator with polarity indicator and signal strength bar graph
  • Locates ferrous metals underground: buried manholes, steel covers, septic system handles, corner survey markers, cast iron pipes, iron valves
  • High-grade waterproof speaker for superior acoustic output
  • Robust, water-resistant housing allows protection of your locator on the job-site
  • Waterproof Tube and Tip for locating even in the toughest environments and weather conditions
Designed for:

  • Surveyors
  • Councils
  • Earth Movers
  • Utility Companies
  • Water Resources


Audio Output:

10Hz frequency tone, increases with magnetic field strength

Visual Output:LCD - Numeric 0 - 99, signal strength bar graph
Gain (Sensitivity:)6 settings
Volume:4 settings
Modes:Standard, Erase, Smart +, Smart -Standard
Power:Six AA alkaline batteries- 50 hours (intermittent operation)
Operating Temp:-25℃ to 60℃
Weight:1.13kg with batteries
Length:108.6 cm
Environment:IP54 – plastic housing; IP67 – sensor tube to below plastic housing
Includes:Carrying case, batteries, manual