David White LT8-300LTU


The David White Line Transfer Unit (model LT8) has a unique design, developed for earth movers and pipe line layers. Boasting an easy to use laser plummet to set up over the point and a 360 rotatable telescope it can carry a line forward and also look OVER the trench and site straight down, and then along the site to the other end of the trench. The ability to turn 360 horizontal angles with an accurate vernier is another plus for this versatile optical level.



  • Powerful 26X optics
  • Range up to 120m
  • Laser plummet for quick and easy setup
  • Circle lock assures accuracy by preventing the horizontal circle from being moved accidentally
  • Glass reticle with stadia lines for measuring distance
  • Plate vial for rough leveling and general plummeting requirements.
  • Ideal for pipe laying and fencing applications


Focus1.8m min focus
Horiz Circle1°, Vernier 5 min
Range125m radiu
RotationTelescope 360°
Weight (Instrument Only)4.31 kg
Warranty2 Years