SitePro SK24x and SK 32x Auto Levels


The SitePro SK-Series automatic levels features superior optics and excellent magnification with large aperture that allows more light for a sharper image. Finely tuned magnetically dampened compensator quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite fine vibrations, providing high precision leveling results. The unique compensator design made of super-high-tensile metal provides maximum durability and accuracy in all environments.



  • Magnetically damped compensator, extreme accuracy under all conditions
  • 24x or 32x magnification models.
  • Accuracy 1.5mm at 45m
  • 90m working range with 1° 30’ field of view.
  • 360° Graduated horizontal circle in 1-degree increments for layout applications
  • 2mm circular bubble vial with 90-degree mirror for accurate and quick set-up
  • Levelling house pads
  • Reducing elevations from one Bench mark to another.
  • Earthmoving.
  • Trenching.
  • Depth/ Elevations of construction sites.