David White TL6 Transit Level


The David White TL-6 Transit Level is designed to turn horizontal and vertical angles plus the ability of a level line. The bubble on the scope is locked into the housing with a positive lever and is an ideal optical instrument for aligning fence posts in undulating terrain, turning angles and general levelling. A versatile optical level.



  • Turn accurate horizontal angles – Vernier 15min
  • Turn vertical angles (up to 45°)
  • Horizontal clamp and slow motion screw
  • 22 x Telescope • In-built sunshade
  • 3 Levelling footscrews & 5/8 x 11 base
  • Fits onto any flat or domed tripod
  • Locking bar for easy levelling
  • Light Construction
  • Pipe Laying
  • Alignment of Fences
  • General Levelling


Accuracy6mm at 30m
RangeUp to 60)
Length26.5 cm
Minimum Focus1.2 m
Aperture19 mm
Field of View0.6 m @ 30 m
No. of Lenses: 6
Horizontal Circle
Graduation Diameter92 mm
GraduationsEach 1°
NumbersEach 10°, 0-90-0°
VernierDouble direct to 15 min.
Vertical Arc
GraduationsEach 1°
NumbersEach 10°, 45-0-45°
CenterPlanar bearing
Level Vial10 min. per 2 mm
Weight2.0 kg