Category: Optical Instruments

David White DT8-05

Theodolite Digital 5”. Incremental encoder system. Large LCD displays. Made in USA

Coaxial Tangent clamps. Laser Plummet. Auto power off. Two power sources, never run out of power. Backlit LCD.

• 5sec Horizontal & Vertical
• Large Objective lens – bright optics
• Angles left & right deg and %slope

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David White LT8-300LTU

This is an optical level designed for aligning pipelines. Made in USA

Off set telescope, Horz and vert angles. Has Laser Plummet for ease of set up over point.

• Mounts onto tripod 5/8 x 11. Verner circles
• Provides both level line & Vertical plumb
• Perfect for setting line for Pipe Lasers

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David White TL6 Transit Level

Transit Level. Horz & Vert. 22x Bubble Made in USA

Provides Horizontal line. Turns Horz and Vert angles. Accurate verner for turning angles. Built in Sun shade. Horz & Vert Lock and slow motion screws.

• Accuracy 3mm/15m
• Horz circle 1 deg read to 15‘ Verner
• 22x telescope

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Nikon Auto Levels AP8, AC-25 & AS-2

AC-25: 24x. AP-8: 28x. AS-2: 34x. Made in Japan

Based on their renown Nikon optics these levels have been proven over years in the field. Surveyors rely on their accuracy and repeatability.

• Optional Micrometer for AS 2
• 0.5mm/30m
• Setting accuracy +/- 0.5 arc seconds

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Nikon NIVO-C Series

NIVO-C Series Made in Japan

Light weight Total Stn, inbuilt software for measuring. Setting out and easy to follow interface for both surveyors and construction site operations.

• Accuracy Choose 1”,2”,3” & 5”
• Prism and reflector-less measurements
• Blue tooth. Laser Plummet. Touch screen

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