Category: Receivers

AMA Laser Eye LE360

360 deg machine control. Waterproof Made in Sweden

Vertical Indicator. 200mm high reception. Ultra bright arrows. Includes two mounting options magnets and pipe grip.

• Accuracy switchable 4mm/8mm/12mm
• Range up to 1000m, internal batteries
• 1 week work fully charged

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Laserometer HL-700

High End MM Receiver. Waterproof. Made in USA

This receiver is the industry standard MM tried and tested over years in the field. Too many features to list, see the brochure. 127mm Detection window PLUS.

• LED 2 colour, 3 channel, perfect for low light conditions
• 21 Segment Channels
• Built in level vial
• Strobe rejection

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MM Display. Receiver and a remote all in the one. Made in Germany

Controlling % of grade & speeds. Large LCD and unbreakable clamp.

• Accuracy switchable 0.5mm/1.0/2.0/4.0mm
• Range 700m dia. Front/back display
• Incl radio remote to control laser

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Nedo Acceptor²

Receiver with a large front/back display and adj volume. Made in Germany

Remaining battery indicator, inbuilt bubble. Strong magnets. Unbreakable clamp.

• Accuracy switchable 1.00mm/4.00mm
• Range 500m dia
• 120 hour battery

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ProNivo Smart Detector PNLUD18

For all types of lasers. Made in Germany

Rotational and Line Receiver. Red and Green Beams. Front/ back displays. Inbuilt magnets. Auto shut Off, inbuilt bubble.

• Accuracy switchable 1mm/2mm/3mm
• Range 400m dia. Red or Green Beams
• 50 plus hours battery

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ProShot R9

Affordable price with the features of high end, high cost laser receivers. Made in US

• 3 Accuracy settings 1.6mm , 3.2mm and 4mm
• Range500m dia
• 60 hours battery

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SitePro RD105 Receiver

Best value general receiver. Front/back displays. Made in USA

Built in Magnets. Auto turn off. Built in level. 2 volume settings tough clamp.

• Accuracy 1.00mm 2.5mm
• Range 320m
• 55 hours battery

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SitePro RD202 Receiver Long Face

Magnets top and side. Back lit display. Made in USA

With front/back displays and front panel with LED, this receiver has a 12.7mm reception window.

• Accuracy switchable 1.00mm 2.5mm
• Range 700m dia
• 70 plus hours battery

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Spectra Precision LR-20

Machine Control 360 degrees. Entry level receiver. Made in USA

Simple interface with plumb swing settings. 203mm reception height.

• Accuracy switchable 5mm,10mm & 20mm
• Range 600m dia
• 35 hours plus. Two power sources.

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Spectra Precision LR-50W

Machine Control Top end 360 degree receiver. Made in USA

Built in Blade Tilt. Plumb Indicator. Offset on Grade. Centre On Grade. Bright 171mm display.

• Accuracy switchable 5mm/10mm/20mm
• Blade tilt, 0.5,1.5 & 2.5 deg
• Vert plumb same as Blade Tilt

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