Global Technologies Rotational Laser Housing GT-RLH


The GT-RLH is an add on module that will convert almost any theodolite or total station into a one person alignment layout instrument. The module is retrofitted to an existing or new instrument and becomes a permanent fixture.

When used in conjunction with a receiver you can now carry outa range of horizontal and vertical alignment tasks. We can fit and align the GT-RLH to your instrument at our Service Centre.


  • Vertical rotational red laser (635nm) housed in a solid brass hexagon and tough corrosion resistant nickel plating
  • The vertical laser line (6° divergence) is emitted from the front, back and vertical of the housing detected by your receiver
  • Range one way is 500m + depending on your laser receiver
  • Rotational speed 10Hz
  • Class 2 Laser
  • Max power 4mW
  • Laser cuts off if rotation stops
  • Sun shade included – deflects direct sun – temp up to 45°C (113°F)
  • Calibration manual
  • Right angle building set out
  • Fence posts and plantation layout
  • Pipe laying & trenching
  • Conveyor belts
  • Vineyard pole placement
  • Erection of vertical walls